The University of Waterloo's International Development Conference began in 2011. Since then, dedicated teams of students coupled with a growing number of passionate faculty advisors and community partners have continued on with this tradition. We are now in our 8th year. The International Development Conference has evolved into a successful and widely anticipated annual event. We have provided a few historical conferences for you to explore. 


2018 conference

Childhood 2018 will take place on Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at the Center for International Governance Innovation in Uptown Waterloo, ON. We will be exploring children's rights across the globe, with a focus on the topics of indigeneity, violence and conflict, gender, the sex trade, legal rights, and much more.

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2017 conference

Revived explored some of the many social and environmental aspects of the complex issue of global health. From water sanitation and scarcity to mental health, HIV/AIDS to health in conflict zones, Revived aimed to understand our complex global health system.

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Urbanized delved into an array of social and environmental issues faced by urban dwellers. Speakers from around the world provided their unique insights to provide a comprehensive picture of urban development issues today.

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2015 Conference

ConflictED began to grapple with both the struggles and the opportunities pertaining to access to education in conflict zones around the globe. The ConflictED conference provided valuable insight into this complex and important issue.

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2014 Conference

Human trafficking is a modern day epidemic which the field of international development is not immune to. Development is plagued with the realities of migrant forced labour, sex trafficking, child trafficking, debt bondage, and all other forms of human trafficking. 

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2013 Conference

Future of Aid: New Models of Cooperation aimed to open a dialogue between development practitioners and theorists, government, industry, activist groups, and civil society to examine the realities of development today, what new approaches and models of cooperation can evolve the field to something more functional, and how the Kitchener-Waterloo community can best act in solidarity with oppressed and impoverished people at home and abroad.


2012 Conference

The 2012 International Development Conference focused on key issues surrounding water, and asked questions such as; Should water be a human rightand accessible to all of humanity free of cost? Can water be considered a commodity and be privatized and/or regulated? Is it possible to provide water globally, sustainably, and free of cost, or are we running out?