About us

International Development Conference
at the University of Waterloo

What is International Development?

Working to create positive change in communities across the globe where there are issues of economic inequality, social injustice, and environmental degradation. 

Our Conference

Every year, students from the International Development program run a conference in March on a new theme. In the past, we have explored human trafficking, global health, urbanization, conflict and education, and much more. Check out our history for past programs and find information about past speakers and booths from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 conferences. 



Our mission is to inspire learning and engage our audiences in critical analysis and crucial discussion on important topics within the practice of International Development. Each year, we aim to bring together individuals from a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds who are all passionate about the same thing: global issues. Through our conference we hope to start a conversation about these issues to engage students from across the University of Waterloo campus and beyond in meaningful discussions about the complexities of International Development.




Gather like-minded individuals


Share knowledge


Engage in conversations


Encourage action